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One of us Now
Germany,  Israel

2022, 30 minutes

Hebrew, English

Maya Steinberg is a secular Israeli. Her father, however, had a late religious awakening. He will not appear in her film. Instead, the young director approaches his faith and her lack of understanding for it through a visit to the gravesite of rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in Galilee, where she spends a few weeks, observing believers, Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox, and wondering: Is there a place here for women? And can there be a place for queer women?


Marie Kloos, Dok Leipzig Programm 

International Film festival Visions du Réel 2022- Film market

International Film festival Dok Leipzig 2022- Competition German Shorts

International Winterthur Kurzfilmtage 2022- Focus Israel Programm 

Ethnographic film festival Paris 2023
Achtung Berlin Film Festival 2023- Mid-length competition made in Berlin
Internationales Frauen Filmfest Dortmund und Köln 2023- Short Competition 

Ethnocinea Documentary Film Festival Vienna 2023- Student Competition 
Freiburg Film Forum 2023- Student Competition 
Duisburger filmwoche 2023

The Ethnofest - Athens Ethnographic Film Festival 2023

Never coming back to America

2018, 12 minutes

Hungarian, Hebrew, English

During one snowy week in February, Irene and Magda, two sisters approaching 90, meet for the last time. 
In a small apartment in the upper west side, they say goodbye to each other, to life.

Produced by Tel Aviv University and Israeli channel 8 for Documentary films 

We value your privacy


2019, 9 min


Have you ever heard of the not so well known yet alarming TMI syndrome? This video is trying to expose the phenomena to a larger audience. 

Produced as a part of an MA program in Media and Visual Anthropology Freie Universität Berlin

Changing the gaze

2019, 4 minutes


A discussion about changing the way we gaze at each other.

Produced as a part of an MA program in Media and Visual Anthropology Freie Universität Berlin

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